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Ildex Indonesia

VMD Livestock pharma will be present at Ildex Indonesia. Ildex Indonesia is a trade fair for livestock, dairy products, meat processing and aquaculture. It is an excellent platform for buyers to come together with sellers of desired products. As a fair for professionals only, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about technological innovations for the industry, to meet with colleagues and exchange knowledge and to establish new business contacts.

The Ildex Indonesia will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 18. October to Friday, 20. October 2017 in Jakarta.

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Aviana Uganda 2017

Aviana Uganda 2017will take place in Kampala Uganda on 24th and 25th October 2017 in UMA Show Grounds, Lugogo, Kampala, Uganda.AVIANA Uganda 2017 will present a Gateway to East Africa by providing a platform to ... 
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VIV MEA 2018 - Abu Dhabi

VMD Livestock pharma will be present at VIV MEA 2018. VIV MEA is an international platform from Feed to Food for the Middle East and Africa. Animal protein producers in Middle Eastern and African countries will gain a new trade fair geared specifically to their needs: VIV MEA. It is set to pouring the valuable network into making VIV MEA the specialist Feed to Food show serving the poultry, aquaculture and dairy industries in the Middle East/Africa region. The international world of suppliers and buyers active in the Middle East and Africa will come together at the ADNEC, located nearby the international airport. National and international exhibitors at VIV MEA will represent their solutions and innovations within the Feed to Food chain. Meat producing and – (further) processing companies adapt and improve their production processes to meet the demands. International food quality institutions developed standards for quality assurance and secured traceability. The trend is towards systems that cover the entire food chain from primary production to finished products: from feed to meat. And that’s where VIV comes in.

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